How To Deal With Bullying In The Workplace

When people hear the word bulling, the first thing that comes to mind is a kid getting his lunch money taken at school. There are many types of bullying though, and it occurs in more places than we realize, and isn’t always physical. One of the places where bullying occurs is at the workplace, some people are bullied by their bosses or co-workers without realizing it.

Some signs of bullying in the workplace are constant criticism of your work, even if you are doing good work, other workers talking behind your back, your boss yelling at you in front of the other employees, or being excluded from group activities outside of work.

Some of the ways to deal with bullies in the workplace are:

Keeping calm, bullies want to see you get emotional because it makes them feel that their tactics are working. You should try to remain calm no matter what the situation is.

Make sure you are doing your work well, if you aren’t you will be justifying the behavior of the bully. Show up to work on time, don’t take long breaks, basically, don’t give the bully any ammunition.

Keep a journal of every incident where you were bullied, do not delete any abusive e-mails the bully sent, note the date, time, and people who were around when you are bullied in public to take to your human resources department if the bullying escalates.

Try not to blame yourself, a lot of people who are bullied blame themselves. It is the bully that has a problem they need to deal with, and they are just taking their frustrations out on you, and you shouldn’t give them the satisfaction.

Establish a good relationship with your other co-workers, because if you have a good relationship with other co-workers, it will be hard for the bully to turn them against you, and might actually stop bullying you if the other co-workers call the bully out on their behavior.

You can seek counseling as a way to deal with workplace bullying. Talking to someone can help reduce the stress you are feeling, talking it over with a therapist can also help you find other ways to deal with the bullying.

Read up on your company’s policy in regards to bullying, and intimidation in the workplace, if it is something frowned upon, you might have a case to take to the human resources department.

Going to the human resources department is a tricky proposition, normally if you document the instances of bullying; they would be able to take action against the bully. If you company doesn’t really have an anti bullying policy, you might have put yourself in a bad situation depending on how popular the employee bullying you is. Someone in the human resources might tell the bully what you told them, and the situation might get worse. Make sure you read the company policy before you go to the human resources department.

Nobody should have to put up with bullying in any situation, especially at the workplace where everyone is expected to be professional. If you find yourself in a situation where you are getting bullied, put an end to it by trying the steps listed above.

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