A healthy and loving relationship can enhance different aspects of your life such as, the physical health, overall happiness and the mental and emotional well being. For most people, it seems like an impossible task to find someone they want to share their lives with. If you are one of them, you do not need to despair; even if you have a history of failed relationships or you feel betrayed by the traditional or online dating. It is still possible to learn how to find love.

When we begin looking for someone to enter into a romantic relationship with, most of use tends to do so with some predetermined expectations. These include details such as how the person should look like and behave, the pace of the relationship and the role of each partner. These expectations are usually influenced by different factors such as family history, peer influence, past experiences and even ideals promoted by TV shows and movies. However, when you retain these unrealistic expectations, you make any potential partner look inadequate and you may end up feeling disappointed by any new relationship.

The first step towards finding the right types of love is to differentiate between what you needs and wants in a partner. While wants are negotiable, needs aren’t. Wants are made up of things that you feel you would like in a partner such as occupation, physical attributes and intellect. Though these traits may appear crucial to you in the beginning, with time, you will realize that you were just limiting your choices. For instance, you can choose to have someone who is caring rather than handsome or humorous rather than wealthy. Needs are the things that matters most to you. These include the values, goals and ambitions in life. It may be difficult to find out about these things by looking at a person on the first day you meet them.

When searching for the right type of love, avoid making it to be the center of your life. Instead, concentrate on activities that you enjoy such as your health, career and relationships with families and friends. This will enable you to have a balanced life and you become a more interesting person. Avoid relying on first impression particularly when dealing with internet dating as people always try to hide their negative aspect. Be honest about your own shortcomings and flaws. Since everyone has a shortcoming, you must ensure that the person loves you for who you are. Avoid rushing to make the relationship sexual.

Expand your social circle and try to have fun by participating in a new event. For instance, you can volunteer, join a dance class or join a hiking group. This will be more productive than spending time in dating sites or sports bar. When faced with rejection, learn to handle it gracefully and do not be overcome with embarrassment, anger or anxiety. Look out for relationship red flags that may indicate that the affair isn’t going anywhere. These include a relationship that is alcohol dependent, the other partner doesn’t want to commit, the other person doesn’t seem interested in communicating with you, controlling behavior or an exclusively sexual relationship. In such cases, cut your loses early enough.

When you find a budding relationship, nurture it. Bear in mind that finding the right person is the first step in a journey of a thousand miles. This will require time, effort and a true interest in the other person. Invest your time and effort in the relationship. Be open in communicating with your partner. Resolve conflicts in a fair fight such as talking it out quietly or passionately disagreeing. Accept the good and bad times, which are part and parcel of any relationship. However, a healthy relationship should be good for you. Any healthy relationship should include plenty of kissing too. As such, it might be a good idea to study the types of kisses to keep things lively. You wouldn’t want to be seen as a bad kisser, would you?